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We offer specialized services for public administrations, as well as for all those entities, agencies and entities that are part of this sector.

We advise our clients in all areas of Administrative Law: elaboration of normative projects, legal reports and various opinions, drafting, modification, interpretation and resolution of contracts, preparation of administrative clause specifications and preparatory documents…providing the necessary technical support for decision-making that ensure the correct compliance of the legislation by the Administration avoiding any litigation, prejudice and / or responsibilities.

We assume representation and legal defense of the Administrations in contentious-administrative proceedings before the Courts and Tribunals of Justice.

We also provide legal audit services for public administrations through legal analysis and evaluation of administrative procedures and practices that allow to discover deficiencies or irregularities in the different Areas of administration, as well as determine improvement plans.

Other sectors

Automotives and auxiliary services

Canned Food companies

Family-owned businesses

Financial entities





Naval construction and auxiliary services

Risk Capital


Telecommunications and New Technologies

Tourism and Hotels


Urban planning and real estate law

Waste, health