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We have a team with proven experience in Administrative Law. We provide legal advice to both Authorities and Public Bodies (Councils, Associations, etc.) and to companies, business associations, foundations and individuals, in their relations with the Public Administration.


We offer:


  • Legal assistance in the processing of all kinds of administrative proceedings:
    • Application, processing and obtaining of all kinds of authorizations, licenses, prior submissions and administrative permits: water, mines, mountains, coast, environment.
    • Contracting and public tenders.
    • Subsidies and aid refund proceedings.
    • Disciplinary Law: infringements and penalties.
    • Asset Liability of the Public Authorities.
    • Expropriations and reversal procedures.
    • Public property: coasts, water, mountains, historic/artistic and cultural heritage, etc.
  • Legal defence in all kinds of administrative and judicial review proceedings.
  • Civil service and other public employment regimes: disciplinary, remuneration, personnel selection and provision of jobs.

We offer specialized services for the Public Authorities, as well as for all those bodies, agencies and entities that form part of the Public Sector, which include:


Specialized legal advice in all areas of Administrative Law: development of draft legislation, legal reports and opinions (drafting, amendment, interpretation and termination of contracts, preparation of specific administrative clauses and preparatory documents etc.). We provide the technical support necessary for the decision-making to ensure the smooth implementation of the legislation by the Administration, and avoiding litigation, damages and/or liability.


Legal representation and defence of the Authorities in the judicial review proceedings before the Courts and Tribunals of Justice, by professionals specialized in Administrative Law and its contentious practice.


Legal audit for public Authorities through legal analysis and evaluation of the procedures and administrative practices, which allow for defects or irregularities to be discovered in the various Areas of the Administration, as well as determining the improvement plans.

We have a team of professionals with wide experience in providing legal advice in the various areas of the real estate activity: sale of all types of real estate and real estate companies, leases, development and promotion contracts, real estate financing and constitution of guarantees, etc. And also in the urban planning preparation and processing procedures, urban planning management, execution and development; providing advice to both private clients (individuals and companies) and to public authorities.


This specialized service is complemented with other areas of the Firm exclusively devoted to the other legal specialties that may be related to the real estate and urban planning: mainly tax, civil and criminal.


As an essential part for the complete development of any real estate activity (business or individual), our team carries out a study of the current urban planning in force, analysing all the viable alternatives for the maximum and best possible urban development use, and also in order to check that the real estate and/or projects comply with the corresponding applicable regulations, both urban planning and sectoral: coasts, mountains, heritage, etc.


The department’s main areas of practice are:

    • Study and drafting of all types of real estate contracts: sales, leases, assignments of use, development, construction, financing, etc.
    • Legal support for the correct execution of procedures at the Land Registry and Notary Offices.
    • Intervention in the building and land use: advice in the preparation of prior submissions and obtaining construction licences and any other urban development certificates required (occupation, operation, etc.).
    • Urban Planning Legality Restoration Procedures: complainant/reported party.
    • Legalization procedures.
    • Urban planning Disciplinary Proceedings.
    • Assets Liability Claims against Public Authorities as a result of the cancellation of licenses and/or urban planning.


Legal defence in judicial review, civil and criminal proceedings relating to all areas related to Town Planning, Construction and the Real Estate Sector in general.

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