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We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in bankruptcy that advises the client throughout the phases of the bankruptcy process.

• Advance agreement proposals, viability plans and refinancing agreements.

• Legal assistance in the negotiation with creditors.

• Advice in pre-bankruptcy proceedings.

• Redundancy Plans and negotiation with workers.

• Approval of refinancing agreements.

• Liability of directors and determination of the bankrupt’s degree of fault.

• Extrajudicial payment agreements.

• Advice in individual’s bankruptcy (Second Opportunity Act and the Exoneration file of Unpaid Liabilities).

Our firm has lawyers specialized in advice to companies in crisis, having participated in many relevant restructuring and refinancing operations of different companies and company groups.


• Advice in refinancing and debt restructuring operations.

• Preventive advice on tax, commercial and labour matters.

• Legal assistance in the negotiation process with financial entities, creditors, suppliers, clients, etc


Area specialists

Othe areas

Employment law

Administrative Law

Maritime, transport and insurance law

Civil and criminal procedural law

Tax Law

Finance and capital markets law

Commercial Law

Compliance, Forensic and Anti Money Laundering