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Commercial Law

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We have lawyers with a high degree of specialisation on Commercial Law, with capacity and ample experience in advising top companies in all kinds of corporate affairs and who act in coordination with our specialists in Tax Law in order to provide the best service to the client.

  • Advice on the constitution of all kinds of commercial companies and in their subsequent activity until they are wound-up (including corporate matters, capital increases and any kind of amendment to the articles of association, structure of the governing bodies, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of all kinds of corporate structures, as well as reorganising and restructuring all kinds of company groupings.
  • Advice on corporate governance.
  • Advice on administrators’ liability.
  • Advice on all kinds of commercial contracts.




Our specialist in Commercial Law, together with our Tax Law team, have participated in and led numerous merger and acquisition operations, both national and international.

  • Purchase and sale Due Diligence.
  • Design of the most suitable structure for the operation from the commercial perspective and tax efficiency.
  • Drafting of the documents which form the basis of the transaction (NDA, contract of sale, shareholder agreements, amendments to the articles of association.
  • Advice in negotiating and closing the transaction.




Our multidisciplinary team offers venture capital companies and funds complete advice, both for the purposes of their constitution and their activity.

  • Advice on the constitution of venture capital companies and funds.
  • Tax design and structure of the operations of venture capital companies and funds.
  • Advice on the drafting, negotiation and closing of the commercial contracts which form the basis of the transaction and its finance contracts.
  • Advice in the exit and disinvestment processes.




Our Firm has lawyers specialized in advising companies in crisis, having participated in multiple and relevant restructuring, refinancing and insolvency operations during the last years.

  • Advice on refinancing and debt restructuring operations.
  • Advice on insolvency proceedings, covering the entire insolvency process and the protection of the relationship with the insolvency administrators.
  • Advising on the liability of administrators in insolvency proceedings.

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