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We advise on all kinds of corporate and structured financing operations, including but not limited corporate financing, acquisition financing, asset financing and structured and project financing; our practice comprises both the legal design of financing structures, either single or syndicated, attending to particularities of each transaction, and the structure of guarantees according to the specific needs of each case.


We are also a leading firm in Galicia in advising on debt restructuring and refinancing processes, advising in situations of business crisis, both debtors and creditors, collaborating both in the design of the restructuring and in the negotiation and elaboration of the documentation through which these processes are articulated.

Other sectors

Administrations and dealers

Automotives and auxiliary services

Canned Food companies

Family-owned businesses





Naval construction and auxiliary services

Risk Capital


Telecommunications and New Technologies

Tourism and Hotels


Urban planning and real estate law

Waste, health