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Slide On Tax & Legal - Derecho Marítimo, de Transporte y Seguros - Dereito Marítimo, de Transporte e Seguros - Maritime, Transport and Insurance Law On Tax & Legal - Derecho Marítimo, de Transporte y Seguros - Dereito Marítimo, de Transporte e Seguros - Maritime, Transport and Insurance Law

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Our lawyers have extensive experience managing issues relating to Maritime Law, including both its private aspect as well as public.


  • Advice in Maritime Law and assistance in negotiating contracts (vessel leasing, fleeting, and marmite transport of goods under bill of lading, passage, towing, consignment and agency), as well as resolution of disputes deriving from them.
  • International maritime sales and documentary credits.
  • Assisting in the negotiation and design of construction, repair, sale and finance contracts for ships, including their export, import, registration and flag state.
  • Pre-litigation advice and resolution of disputes relating to boarding, salvage, extraordinary towing, findings and maritime extractions, breakdown, limitation of ship-owner liability and marine contamination.
  • Maritime insurance (Hull and P&I) and the specialities deriving from its special characteristics.
  • Disciplinary administrative proceedings, with special attention to the problem deriving from fishing.
  • Advice in relation to port concessions and authorisations, and in asset liability proceedings with the Administration.
  • Water sports relating to the advice and assistance in the solution of disputes in leisure boating; sale, finance and flag state of yachts; accidents, insurance and civil liability.


Our specialists currently advise a significant number of national and international transport and logistics companies, or those whose activity involves carrying out international trade operations.


  • Advice on contracting and to settle disputes relating to road haulage, logistics, deposit and goods handling.
  • Advice on customs, transport and other administrative proceedings deriving from the transport activity.
  • Transport intermediation contracts.
  • Contracts for the international sale of goods, application of INCOTERMS©, and resolution of problems of Private International Law.


We have a extensive experience in everything relating to Insurance Contracts. We currently advise both insured parties and insurance companies. Apart from Maritime Insurance, our experience covers Damage Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance, Environmental Liability insurance and Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.


  • Advice in the pre-contractual phase, studying the contracts and offers available in order to make an assessment and recommendations relating to the choice of policies and Companies.
  • In relation to Claims, we provide preventative advice, contributing towards establishing systems and protocols to avoid claims or their management, and after they have occurred to investigate and process the claims until their settlement.
  • Advice and solution of disputes deriving from the settlement of the claims.
  • Recovery claims and recourse claims by the insurers.

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