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Civil & criminal procedural law

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Our lawyers have extensive experience in Litigation, Civil & Criminal Procedural Law, advising clients in situations of conflict. We work in all areas relating to company activity: civil, commercial, employment, criminal and administrative.


When it comes to dealing with situations of conflict, our action include forming multidisciplinary teams. They are made up of lawyers specialising in Litigation, working together with other lawyers specialising in the area of law in question in each case: commercial, financial, tax or any other. Always with the aim of providing added value to our clients both in the preliminary negotiations and, where applicable, during the court proceedings.





Pre-litigation advice, negotiation and out-of-court settlements.

Legal defence in court proceedings before the commercial, civil, employment, judicial review and criminal jurisdictions (economic and environmental offences).



Liability claims

For fault (contractual and tort).



Corporate conflicts,

Challenging company agreements; conflicts between shareholders; liability claims against administrators.



Civil and commercial contracting

  • Quantum claims; Proceedings on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Cancellation and performance of commercial contracts (distribution, agency, franchise, concession, etc).
  • Leases and horizontal property; Ownership, transfer, disposal and administration of real estate.


Enforcement proceedings

  • Enforcement in Spain of foreign decisions.
  • Enforcement of personal and in rem
  • Judicial titles.
  • Debt relief and collection proceedings.


Criminal proceedings

  • Corporate offences.
  • Economic offences (Fraud, Misappropriation, Forgery, etc.).
  • Offences against workers’ rights (in particular, accidents at work).
  • Environmental offences.


The knowledge of the special features of each sector and of each client: banking, fishing, automotive, hotel and catering, etc., is essential in order to be able to offer integral advice in the resolution of conflicts.

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